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In this new digital era, it is essential to respond to the challenges that E-Commerce has been posing in the various business models.

Portugalenses currently offers a 360º e-Commerce solution for its customers, with the latest advanced technology, providing high levels of efficiency for e-Commerce operations. Omnichannel and Dropshipping.

Development of an online platform tailored to the client

Support in the choice of the platform and possibility of developing it using partners specialized in this business area.

Computer integration with the online store

Possibility of total integration: online store, ERP and WMS. Visibility and control of the entire operation in real time.

Product Reception

Quantitative and qualitative control at entry.
Batch and serial number control.

Storage and management of references

Fully computerized stock management in order to avoid stock outages.

Order Preparation

High productivity and assertiveness in order preparation.

B2C distribution

Door-to-door solutions ensuring the best level of service.

Customer Service

Provision of call center for transportation management.

Exchanges and returns

Processing of all reverse logistics in 24 hours following all indications of our customers.

We carry confidence and efficiency

Beyond Borders

Optimise your supply chain with our freight transport services, providing tailor-made solutions for your specific needs.

Portugalenses Transport

PORTUGALENSES is an entity dedicated to the provision of freight transport services, at national and international level, becoming a reference in the sector with consolidated experience over 20 years.


R. Bela Vista 638, 4415-170 Pedroso, Portugal
Tel: +351 227 452 096 (Call for national landline)
Opening hours:
Mon – Sat: 9h00 às 18h30