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Portugalenses has the latest innovative storage technologies on the market, with optimized processes and guarantee of maximum quality in the operations carried out.

Currently with a logistics platform with storage capacity for 20,000 pallets, Portugalenses is a 4PL operator that is in charge of managing the entire operation of the Supply Chain of our customers from the reception of product, through storage to reverse logistics.

Supplier management

We help our clients in their procurement activity and in the classification of their suppliers. Possibility to submit purchase orders directly to our customers’ suppliers.

Storage and stock management

We have more than 20,000 M2 of facilities where we store and manage a large number of references.

Order Preparation

High levels of productivity in the preparation and dispatch of orders, with the possibility of carrying out all kinds of special manipulations.

Information Systems with real-time traceability of goods

Thanks to our WMS we guarantee the full traceability of the goods within our warehouses and the availability of all the information in real time.

Reverse Logistics

We manage the entire process of exchanges and returns of our customers: Quality control, Classification of the merchandise and Reintegration to Stock or destruction of the product.


We provide our customers with the best solutions in the market for B2B and B2C transport, National and International.

We carry confidence and efficiency

Beyond Borders

Optimise your supply chain with our freight transport services, providing tailor-made solutions for your specific needs.

Portugalenses Transport

PORTUGALENSES is an entity dedicated to the provision of freight transport services, at national and international level, becoming a reference in the sector with consolidated experience over 20 years.


R. Bela Vista 638, 4415-170 Pedroso, Portugal
Tel: +351 227 452 096 (Call for national landline)
Opening hours:
Mon – Sat: 9h00 às 18h30