New platform

September 30, 2022 News

This year we have completed 20 years of history and we celebrate the inauguration of our new logistics platform.

Ambition has always been present in our DNA and becoming a benchmark in our industry was a well-outlined goal. In this way we dedicate our talent and technology to a sustained evolution, and now, after 20 years we will inaugurate in November our new logistics platform.

You will have 4000 m2 of storage system and we will have complete and advanced logistics management solutions that promise to optimize your business.

Portugalenses Transport

PORTUGALENSES is an entity dedicated to the provision of freight transport services, at national and international level, becoming a reference in the sector with consolidated experience over 20 years.


R. Bela Vista 638, 4415-170 Pedroso, Portugal
Tel: +351 227 452 096 (Call for national landline)
Opening hours:
Mon – Sat: 9h00 às 18h30