Quality policy

The Organization aims at the development of Transport as a modern organization capable of successfully facing the challenges of the future and the growing needs of customers and stakeholders, is based on taking as a strategic option the commitment to the quality of services, and understands Quality as an integral part of its business culture, as well as a way for the continuous improvement of the services provided and the satisfaction of its Customers. By adopting as main objectives the effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided, the organization intends to ensure the full trust of customers and stakeholders, defining, to this end, a set of principles that supports its organizational culture, namely:

  • Provide an efficient service in order to meet the growing demands and expectations of its customers. Efficiency ensuring the adoption of solutions that allow the reduction and optimization of resource consumption, with the appropriate consequences for the organization and its Customers.
  • Perform the tasks at all levels, with quality meeting the deadlines of the requested services, continuous attention to the punctuality and speed of transport between the loading and unloading of the goods transported.
  • Security of goods transported, ensuring that they are delivered without damage.
  • Train and inform your employees in order to promote their constant motivation, qualification and updating
    providing adequate means for the fulfilment of this policy and the objectives set for the quality of
  • Compliance with the laws and requirements applicable to the activity, in a process of continuous improvement of its system

Portugalenses Transport

PORTUGALENSES is an entity dedicated to the provision of freight transport services, at national and international level, becoming a reference in the sector with consolidated experience over 20 years.


R. Bela Vista 638, 4415-170 Pedroso, Portugal
Tel: +351 227 452 096 (Call for national landline)
Opening hours:
Mon – Sat: 9h00 às 18h30