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With more than 20 years of activity, we have made available to our customers a wide range of services in the area of Logistics and Land Transport, becoming one of the leading transport companies nationwide with daily departures in grouping system and complete to Italy, South of France and Spain.




Complementing the logistics sector, we have pallet transport solutions and general cargo (full cargo).

We have daily exits in groupage system and complete for Italy, South of France and Spain.


Our essence in logistics lies in the storage services that include the reception of our customers’ products, their storage for later shipment and delivery to the final customer. This logistics requires a good level of integration and stable processes in order to generate added value to our customers. These define the operational models and Portugalenses finds the most efficient processes, providing you with productivity gains and using all the synergies of a shared or dedicated resource infrastructure.



We have complete and advanced logistics management solutions that promise to optimize your business.

Logistics Platform

Soon we will inaugurate a logistics platform of 4000 m2 of the storage system with you in mind.


Portugalenses Transport

PORTUGALENSES is an entity dedicated to the provision of freight transport services, at national and international level, becoming a reference in the sector with consolidated experience over 20 years.


R. Bela Vista 638, 4415-170 Pedroso, Portugal
Tel: +351 227 452 096 (Call for national landline)
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